Nothing really makes sense in this world but it doesn’t have to. We live through life looking for something that most of the time don’t even know what it is. Most of the time we just want to make sense out of it. Still we don’t know what this life will bring or if it will even matter but who cares? It doesn’t have to make to make sense. It’s about the feeling life gives you when trying to find out what the fuck is going on. It’s the human experience and it’s about growing as a person. So while nothing makes sense in the world, that’s the same concept with this blog. It doesn’t have to make sense because the meaning it gives is inexplicable. It’s more of a platform to communicate meaning through my photography and written words. Allowing to showcase the experience of the lows of my life due to my anxiety which brought me where I am today.  The hope is to influence people in a positive way who can relate to having mental health issues or just feeling low. We’re not alone in this matter and by acknowledging the imperfections of our worlds then maybe we could grow together.  

All Photos in content are personally shot and edited.
All blog posts are written by yours truly unless specified otherwise.



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