April 24th, 2017


Woke up to see i have to be in class in thirty minutes.
i’m late everyday i don’t know my limits.

If i have breakfast its considered a miracle so i had 4 bowls for breakfast but only one was cereal.

Got to class early but my mind was late. it was jumping through clouds testing it’s fate

I feel so alive for it being dead week, i think i want to live this day

So I quit my job and light the forest on fire. Don’t cut my wings i’m trying to fly higher

Hear me


I open my mouth and try to talk but nobody understands. They look at me confused wondering what I’m trying to say. we look at each other on different pages.  I keep trying to talk but they don’t follow. even i understand them as i hear them calling me weird.  Words are colliding in and throughout my mouth but they don’t form a message somehow. i’m speaking the language but i’m the barrier.

Give your life away


I’ve decided to give my life away. I’ve come into terms with the world around me and realized people need this life more than me. The idea of chasing dead presidents for my own gain doesn’t appeal to me. The world is much bigger than one person working for themselves. It takes one individual to spark change by just helping people. Your bank account and possessions  will be forgotten but the influence you’ve made with the world and those around you lives eternally.

Those people who go to higher education are described to be investing in their future. Some go to school to design houses others to start a business. No one really fucking knows whats going on but the idea is to get something out of college. Most people are driven by the career that will stack their bank account. The greed of chasing materialistic objects doesn’t bring justice to the value of an education. Is buying the big house with expensive cars worth the knowledge you payed for? Do you recognize the influence you could bring to the world with your genius? Investing time in building up someone other than yourself can bring change to the world. I’m going to give my life away. I make my life yours and together we will understand the sacrifice to move mankind forward.